This selected AB oak comes from the timber with minimal traces of woodiness (knots), which are the basis of the beauty of a wooden floor. It receives a light brushing that brings out its characteristics and grain. Wefted to emphasise and mark the grain, then toned and finished with natural wax-based oil containing anti-yellowing oil to emphasize its original natural beauty.



From the Latin quercus petraea, this selected AB oak is in practice a first choice with small knots in its structure. First brushed, then textured and finally stained and oiled (with natural beeswax oil) to give it a naturally oxidated effect.



AB selected oak with a strong personality. It is brushed and textured to give it even more character, then “oxidated” and finished with grey oil based on beeswax giving a more rock finishing to the YLES project.



This elegant oak is selected from European oaks (AB aspect class) , always brushed and then textured. It is oxidated and then finished with light grey oil based on beeswax to give it multiple light and dark effects that provide it a modern and attractive style.



A strong, dark character for this selected oak AB, made dark by the smoked process that has its origin in its tannins. To emphasize the structure, it is brushed and finished with a textured effect and applied a natural beeswax oil to give it brightness and contrast.



It is a variegated wood of Canaletto ABC walnut with many shades and tones, open-pore, naturalised, oiled based on beeswax. The most classic, the noblest but also the most daring.

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