The acoustic balancer


Sound absorbing System

Modular, easy to install and clean, hygienic and safe, with removable and washable fabric covers. There are many qualities to this acoustic balancer, but Trametes is designed above all to correct the distribution of sound in public environments, particularly the frequency of speech.


Hightech structure

The phonocorrective functionality of Trametes is provided by a high-density polyurethane structure, configured to cage sound, following the principle of Helmholtz resonators. A system with differentiated density stratigraphy that captures the different frequencies.


Trametes Values

Discover the seven features that make this acoustic balancer unique: functional, colourful, sustainable, soft and technological


Modular and infinite

Trametes is designed to give you maximum freedom of expression. Choose how to position the elements, orient them and group them to create your own personal composition.



Trametes SQUARE or CIRCLE is available in several application solutions, ceiling mounted, wall mounted or freestanding, and also in the original Tree composition.


Formats and Fabric

Trametes comes in two solutions: SQUARE and CIRCLE.

Each of these shapes is available in several sizes, colours and fabrics, which can be combined to create a new, creative and always functional structure.

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