the meta-morphic boiserie


The acoustic sign

Improving the acoustic well-being of an environment with a single element. An aspiration made real by Talea which, permeated by the evolutionary spirit of human oriented design, changes its essence from a furnishing element to a functional complement. A boiserie with a technological structure, capable of improving the distribution of sound in the environment in all three versions in which it is presented.


Modular elegance

Talèa is modular, so that several elements can be placed side by side, joined together in a vertical direction, but also placed horizontally, so that the boiserie is modelled on the experience and needs of its user.



Designed in the inclined sign that distinguishes the entire SKEMAidea project, the shelves are the distinctive elements of the Talea boiserie. A system designed to adapt to contemporary spaces and to implement its functionality in a simple and intuitive way. Talea, thanks to the four sizes of shelves, becomes a modular bookcase, an equipped wall, an ideal support for hallways, meeting spaces, waiting rooms but also living areas. A decorative element that can be coordinated with the vertical panel or play with different colours, finishes and materials.



In Talèa Yles wooden parquet expresses itself through the wall. Verticalised in the Tarsia pattern, the essences of walnut, smoked oak and natural oak reveal all the authentic naturalness of the wooden raw material.

The wall is dressed in colour and softness, and its sound-corrective function is enhanced by the skilful use of fabric. Modern and creative, Talèa Tex amplifies the sense of comfort and leaves its users free to express themselves with colours and inserts. Exploiting all the technology drawn from SKEMA solutions to improve the distribution of sound waves in the environment, Talèa AK applies the principle of Helmholtz resonators, exploiting resonant cavities to become a furnishing wall, elegant and at the same time extremely functional.

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