Coffee tables that collect


Expressivity without limits

Gyros, brings the figure of the circle to express itself and interact with the space in which it is placed and with its user. The 4 models have different heights and diameters so that they can be used individually, but above all they can be stacked and thus create compositions, adapting to the environment in which they are placed.



Gyros expresses its modularity in 4 formats, from maxi to small, all with different top diameters and heights that allow the tops to overlap. Mimesis offers no less than 7 configurations, 3 horizontal sizes, 2 heights, single or double tops.

Structures and technical details

The wooden tops are made from 6 proposals from the Yles parquet line in the brushed Tarsia pattern: CRUDO, NATURALE, POLVERE, FERRO, SMOKED, NOCE CANALETTO. The supporting structures are in painted metal, available in three colours: White, Dark and Titanium.

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